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there’s every reason to be alarmed | but no reason to be concerned

01634 373 522

Service – the simple way

Jose Hernandez is proud of Lifeline's USP

"Of course our staff are highly trained; of course they know their jobs really well – but where they really stand out is in the service delivery. From the time they make contact with a potential client right through to the time they leave the premises with the system installed, operational and fully tested – service comes first; and service is about people"

The Lifeline approach is as much about lifestyle and allowing people to live and work in a protected environment as about technology. The two go hand-in-hand, but the focus is on the real benefits rather than just another security system.

“We can create everything from a simple system to a highly sophisticated state-of-the-art security system complete with fingerprint identification. However, what we are most proud of is finding the solution that really works for each unique set of circumstances,” explains Jose. “It's finding the balance between client's budget and the system that does what they want.”

Alongside this 100% dedication to the client is a reassuring list of accreditations from 

If this sounds like the quality, delivery and service you'd like – Lifeline is just a call away – on 01634 373 522.