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there’s every reason to be alarmed | but no reason to be concerned

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Keeping your system healthy!

If you have an alarm or call system – and you haven't needed to use it lately – how do you know it works?

Whether you have a simple fire alarm or a complex access control system you really don't want it to fail at a critical moment. Even if you're using your access control system daily – how do you know when any battery reliant features are in need of more power?

Good maintenance ensures that those malfunctions don't happen – and verifies that the system is working as it should. With special equipment batteries, that operate when mains power fails, can be tested to ensure they are fully functional and won't fail when needed – we've all heard of smoke alarms that haven't functioned because the battery was flat!

Part of a good maintenance contract is the advice from experts who know your system and can see what is working, what isn't, what needs replacing and what is surplus to your needs.

It doesn't matter who has installed your systems, you can get the experts in;
give Lifeline a call on 01634 373 522.