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there’s every reason to be alarmed | but no reason to be concerned

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Direct connections that save lives

When you're alone in a consulting room with a patient it can be a dangerous situation. Whilst the majority of patients are reasonable and more in need of help from you; the odd one reacts violently.

Of course, it's unreasonable to have a security person present for every consultation – not only is it costly, but is likely to destroy the relationship you have with the patient and reduce your ability to help them.

A staff attack system is generally discreet and the patient will have no idea that it's there – or that it's been activated. The buttons that trigger the call for assistance are generally located in easily accessible, but not visible places. Nothing shows inside the room, but a light flashes outside the door or on a central display unit showing which consulting room requires help.

Whether you're working in a community surgery, a private hospital or clinic or an NHS facility, you'll find that a staff attack system will give your people the reassurance to get on with their jobs without the worry of insecurity in consultation and treatment rooms.

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