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there’s every reason to be alarmed | but no reason to be concerned

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Help and support just when required

Whether you are looking after older or infirm people, it's important that they have as much independence as possible – and you can't watch them all of the time. The problem is that they often need help when you're not watching.

Warden call systems operate most usually on a medallion system so that the individual can be anywhere and still summon help. The medallion has a microphone and speaker built into it, so the person doesn't need to be right by a phone or particular place in a room or building.

If an elderly person falls, for instance, they can still summon help and get verbal reassurance whilst physical assistance is summoned. The control centre is able to find out what the problem is and ensure that the support that arrives is just what's needed.

The quality of these systems is impressive and the reassurance that just talking to someone provides is invaluable in calming people down and reducing the stress that an unexpected incident can create.

If you are managing a sheltered housing unit, old people's home, managed housing project or any other situation where vulnerable people live, ask us to come and talk to you about how a call system can protect your residents.

Call us now on               01634 373 522        to discuss how we can protect your residents.